into Madison Square Park

Hi everyone! Here's one of my ensembles from my weekend in New York a couple of weeks ago (I know it's long overdue, but it's here now!

It's still summer, and boy, was it humid! With constantly going on subways and commuting from the Financial district to the Upper East Side definitely got us lost a few times, but hey, it's what comes with traveling in New York. 
What I love the most about New York is that you literally can go casual to the dressiest outfit, and no one really cares. It's the atmosphere, the business, and the vibe of the entire city that just makes NY so attractive.

Maroon Wool Hat - H&M in Times Square
Polka Dotted Romper - MyMother'sCloset (I'm starting a new segment! This link will work when I post it.)
Frayed Satchel - Brandy Melville
Sneakers - Chuck Taylors

Well, that's it for now! 
Stay Simplistice,



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What's the haps?

What's the haps?
Taking over the box office: Guardians of the Galaxy. Earning a whopping 92% (4 & a half stars) from Rotten Tomatoes should be a MAJOR deal. Marvel's done it again!

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