Hints of Red

I'm so ecstatic to say that the HUNT IS OVER. The hunt for a reasonably priced origami skort that is! I've looked around Santa Monica, Topanga, and not one of them had what I was looking for. Sure, maybe Express did, but no way am I paying sixty dollars for something as simple as a plain blue skort... Which ironically I've been obsessing over ever since I saw Negin Mirsalehi's post two months ago. But in my rendition of her white and blue scheme, I went with the same styled halter neck top from Charlotte Russe as the one in my most recent (and first) post as opposed to the white embellished top she paired with her skort.

But anyways, Since it technically is Fourth of July right now, why not throw some hints of red in there? 

I decided to wear a stack of bangles my cousin brought back from her trip to Bangladesh three years ago for the first time.. I don't know why, I personally thought how nice these patterns all contrasted against my solid color color scheme of white and blue. But you can definitely find the same kinds of bangles from the accessories section in stores like H&M, Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe. 

On the other hand, or wrist I should say, is a Michael Kors Chronograph Parker Rose-Gold Watch; just one of my favorite accessories to keep at hand.. get it? okay I'll stop. 

For other accessories I went with a solid red Michael Kors Fulton crossbody bag to bring out the few red bangles on my wrist, and of course trying to stay relevant to Independence day colors. 


Have a safe & Happy Fourth of July Folks! 


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What's the haps?
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