Palazzo Pants

 Hey there! It's Angelica with your daily dose of eccentric style and taste in clothing. 

Starting off, I'm wearing these aztec printed palazzo pants from Forever 21 with a string halter neck top from Charlotte Russe. At first glance you may be thinking how strangely flamboyant these pants are, BUT WAIT. Before you judge a pair of pants on a clothing rack, why not try them on? 


The first time I saw these at Forever 21, I simply cringed at how strange and ill-fitting these pants looked. Yet I started realizing how these bright patterned pants started catching on during the summer time. Luckily, I gave these a try and immediately became infatuated with them because of how the material settled so nicely and flowed with every step I took, and how they made a simple, white halter neck top look like I somewhat tried to look decent for the day. These kinds of clothing, where my skin's able to breathe during these hot and humid days while still attaining a unique and eccentric look, are what I try to stick to for the duration of the season. 

Top -> Bottom
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban 
Earrings - Francesca's 
Top - Charlotte Russe
Bottoms - Forever 21
Shoes - Prada


Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week readers!

    Stay Simplistice,


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What's the haps?
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