Denim Blues

If any of you guys have noticed, I always seem to post late at night #nightowl. I hope you guys enjoy all my late night posts as well as one of my newest outfits incorporating some clothes you've seen in the past--my trusty white Converse shoes and Hollister green pants.

So in this outfit, I wore a denim long sleeve with a white tee underneath. I paired the combination together with my favorite Hollister green pants. For the shoes, it's once again my trusty white Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. I really do need a new pair of shoes, ha! And though I'm wearing a watch that's made for running, it is also a multi-purpose watch that I can wear not just for running but also for a casual day out.

I hope you enjoyed another late night post, and you all better look forward for more of them to come. Thanks guys for checking in and see you next time!

Stay Simplistice,

Long Sleeve · Uniqlo
Tee Shirt · (you can find a basic white tee at any store)
Watch · Garmin (the black watch)
Pants · Hollister
Shoes · Converse


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What's the haps?

What's the haps?
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