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If you know me personally, you would know that music is definitely one of my fortes. One of my favorite things to do is discovering new artists or new music that I think people will like. I find it extremely satisfying when I find a song or artist and recommend it to someone and they love it!
As individuals, everyone has different music tastes. Some like country, some like pop, some like electro, some like classical, and the list goes on. Music is the type of thing that comes and goes--for example, one may be obsessed with Paramore and then a month or two later, they become obsessed with a different band. Music goes in a cycle and people don't just stay with one artist forever. Our music tastes differ depending on our moods, what is currently the newest hype, or other people's recommendations.
Because our music taste changes almost every month because of newly released music or blasts from the past, I decided to make a hashtag series which will have three parts-- #TSC, #TAC, & #TMA--and I will do each monthly. They stand for "Top Song Choices", "Top Album Choices", and "Top Music Artists" respectively. My goal is to introduce you guys to music that you will find enjoyable--whether it is music that is already mainstream or completely underground. Now let's jam out to some music together!
                                       July's Choices

I'm gonna start off the month (more like middle of the month) with some songs. You'll have two more music posts to look forward to this month, which will talk about July's featured albums and artists!
Warning - Some of these songs do contain explicit material, so please do not tell me that I didn't warn you guys beforehand because I just did.

Meghan Trainor teaches an important lesson about how you shouldn't worry at all about your weight because "it's no trouble" through a retro 60's style music. She manages to twist the moral into the lyrics with a catchy beat and she draws listeners in with her voice. Meghan Trainor has a unique voice that makes you want to go to the 60's and jam out in a diner with your friends with this blasting through a jukebox, kind of like Grease, HA!

I'm gonna be honest, sometimes remixes sound a lot better than the original song and in this case, I prefer the remix more than the original. With the remix, Hippie Sabotage manages to make a slow song into a slow song with an awesome beat. The way that they artfully craft the song makes me want to listen to it on repeat. This is one of the more catchier remixes of a song that I have heard so far.

This song has been out for a quite while but I've only taken a liking to the song only recently. Yeah, this isn't really considered a single anymore because MKTO has come out with an album but this is one of my favorites from that album. Classic has a feel-good type of beat and is one of those songs that you want to play during summer events like concerts, parties, etc. and jam out with friends. The beat is definitely great and it has a catchy tune to it.

3005 is definitely an oldie but it's one of my favorites from his album "Because the Internet." I've really liked this song for a while but I've recently started to listen to it more often. It's a laid back kind of song with a chill vibe, and a lot of the lyrics are extremely catchy. One of my favorite lines is, "Girl why is you lying, girl why you Mufasa. Yeah, mi casa su casa." The song is filled with great lyrics and catchy ones as well, and it's a definite kickback kind of song.

I'm not gonna lie.. the reason why I first listened to this song was because of the intro. I love how AJR turned the distinct "I'm ready" quote from Spongebob into a beat. That was one of the things that caught my attention and made me listen to the song. I was definitely not disappointed by this song once I gave it a chance. AJR hooks you in with a great intro and beat and hooks you even further in with their great voices as well as lyrics.

Nicki has definitely surprised me with this single, unlike her past songs like "Starships" or "Super Bass" that have a fast beat and quick raps. This song has a mellow beat with lyrics that really make you want to sing along especially where she sings "I still love, I still love, I still love." This is definitely a catchy tune and has a great hidden message. If you aren't a fan of Nicki, you might be surprised once you hear this song and how different it is.

I am a huge fan of Maroon 5 and although I wasn't as fanatical about their recent album, Overexposed, I have a feeling that with this newest single, Maroon 5 is preparing a great album for us. Maps is definitely a great listen and it's extremely catchy. I'm glad that they have decided to release this as their first single because it makes me excited for when they release their next album because this song is definitely a good one.

Probably my favorite thing about this song is the catchy beat. I find it hilarious that they used "Michelle Obama, purse so heavy getting Oprah dollars" as their chorus. It's extremely catchy and sticks to your brain easily. This song is definitely a great summer hit considering how many people have gone crazy about this. In all honesty, compared to their past songs from the Better Together - EP, this song has more modern slang in the song such as "bae" and "nae nae." Fifth Harmony's voices harmonize really well together which make this song a lot better and lovable.

Another song with a retro 60's kind of beat, Crazy is one of my most recent finds that I have fallen in love with. Kat Dahlia has a unique voice that is slightly raspy at times when she hits certain notes which makes me want to listen to it all over again just to hear hit those notes. This song was also produced with a catchy beat and to me, it is an extremely catchy tune.

This is by far one of my favorite songs of all time. Although it has a limited amount of lyrics, the beat is so freaking good. This is the kind of song that I want to blast super loud if I throw a party, or if me and my friends are driving around, this is the song I would be blasting in the car. When the bass comes in, the song becomes more lively and attention-catching! This song is a huge earful (get it? Like a huge mouthful, ha) and one of my favorite songs of all time.
Well, that's all the songs that I have to recommend for the month of July! Check in frequently for the next post about the albums of July! Enjoy my music recommendations!

Stay Simplistice, 


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