Flats With a Twist

(quickly apologizing for photo quality by the way, I forgot my camera at work)

Literally -- with a twist! I bought these beauts a couple weeks ago to wear to work, and there's no going back -- I'm absolutely in love. Not only are these flats comfortable, but it feels like I'm walking on a cloud. 
Well, a very soft, leather-y cloud.

Introducing Jessica Simpson's Mandalaye Elastic Ballet Flats. I was definitely skeptical at first--because ballet flats? Really? 
But the awesome thing about these babies are that they, well first, don't fall off your feet! It's basically guaranteed. The ankle straps don't hurt and don't cause any pain whatsoever. The suede/leather makes any outfit look polished and shows that you don't just go for any of those old black flats all the time--you're raising the bar just a little bit higher. 

I can rave and compliment even more, but there were complications in the beginning. I've read the reviews online about these flats, and they're definitely mixed. Most are positive, but what I've noticed is that the negative feedback are mostly about how they cause blisters the first time they wore the flats. My only concern is that, have they ever learned about "breaking in" a shoe? I had the same problem in the beginning, but stick a couple band-aids, like any other time a woman would wear heels ("pain demands to be felt"... and endured for beauty, ladies), and make sure that you take care of yourself and the flats. 
Once you break them in a little on the ankle where the elastic is, they're perfectly comfortable. 

I purchased them here at Macys

For the rest of my outfit:

Be comfortable when you're going to work. I fidget tons when I wear dresses and shorts - so that's a huge no - and especially in a professional environment, shorties are definitely discouraged and viewed as unprofessional. 

I woke up almost late this morning, so nothing easier than a breezy graphic tee, jeans, and simple accessories. Always be prepared for those "in a hurry" moments -- especially when you have prior commitments.

Dark Wash Jeans from American Eagle
Merona Analog Wristwatch from the lovely Targ├ęt
Silver Teardrop Earrings (from Thailand, but here's a place that you can find some just like 'em!)


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