#WTW - July '14

"What in the sam heck is #WTW, Natriya? Is this another one of your puns again?"

No, fellow reader. It is not. 
Although I can promise you that the puns will never stop. 

I'm starting this little hashtag (look ma, I'm hip!) to stand for "What to Watch". These'll consist of things like new movies to watch on Netflix, worthy-of-your-time youtube videos or web series, and some really amazing books to read. Let's get to it!


Let's focus on the awesome side dishes (aka Youtube videos & web series) before we go for the buffet (aka Netflix).

I know there's always those times in which you just automatically type in "youtube.com" but then you'd have nothing in mind to search.
Well. Here I am. Top Three, here we go: Youtube Recs

3. Alli Simpson's AwesomenessTV/AwesomeFitness

What's exercise? If you find yourself with nothing else to do during the day, why not try to get off that sofa & do something that keeps you healthy, even for 8 minutes!

(An vlog adaptation of "Emma" by Jane Austen)

I actually got the wonderful opportunity to meet the cast while I was at Vidcon--and they are just as amazing as they are on camera. Contemporary, witty, and definitely just something new and noteworthy. A+! (I've been on board since LBD, but more on that later)

1. VGHS - Video Game High School (also available on Netflix!)

Here's for the geeks, nerds, and those who just are in the closet interested on how that other side lives. Created by Rocket Jump (think Freddie Wong). I'm obsessed, and patiently waiting for Season Three. Something like that immersive experience of wow, what if we all lived in the universe where the best gamer was the most popular guy in school? Like what are even cheerleaders when you can just create your own digital crowd am I right, folks?

Okay, so let's face it, I'm gonna say that I'm a romantic comedies girl (sorry boys). So with no regrets at all, here are my top five on Netflix for that ice cream, scented candles, and soft blankets kinda night. Check it:

5. Maid in Manhattan
Now, I'm not much of a "predict the plot twist" kind of girl, but this film got me just in the right mood when I first watched it. It's the perfect girl-meets-billionaire type of film--you can just tell by it's description.

4. Beauty & the Briefcase
Alright alright, this is the ULTIMATE cliché ABC film. But it stars Hilary Duff, and for the sake of Lizzie McGuire, I could not resist watching, and now it's on whenever I have a horrible day.

3. Chalet Girl
So this is a more of a 16+ rom-com from over the pond. It's cute, there are british accents, and come on. ED WESTWICK is in it. Pretty sure that should just about sell it for any girl. 

2. Pretty In Pink
If you haven't watched this movie, shame on you. 
The classic high school movie that never gets old, but it's a little underrated since it's always a little overshadowed by the lust for John Hughes' other film, The Breakfast Club.

1. Stuck In Love
This is one of my all-time favorite romantic comedies. Starring my favorite Nat Wolff, Kristen Bell, Lily Collins, and Greg Kinnear. It's charming, refreshing, and just such a great independent movie as a whole. Thank goodness it's available on Netflix. 


(Nerdfighter book club, anyone?)

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity
by: Katherine Boo


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