Red, White & Blue

It's finally that time of the year where everyone seems to throw a BBQ pool party and the heat is so unbearable that you can barely stand to be outside. But the night sky is filled with the light of fireworks and sparklers and all that anyone can hear are the children's "ooh's" & "aah's" mixed with the loud bangs of fireworks which makes it all worth it. But the big question that you have to ask yourself on this day is -- what can you wear to these type of events without dying in the heat but still look good? And that's where I come in.

As you can tell, I was obviously inspired by the American flag to wear such a "get-up". I fully incorporated all the colors of the flag--red, white, and blue--into a casual but classy outfit that could be worn to any kind of event like a BBQ or a firework showing. The red polo and the blue shorts paired together gives the wearer a kind of sophisticated but laid-back appearance, and the white shoes serve as a huge contrast to all the dark shades. White makes the entire ensemble pop and the darker clothes more noticeable.

With the day coming to a close and the fireworks coming to a halt, we have to say good-bye to the red, white, & blue ensemble and also to the excitement of Independence Day. Happy (almost) Fourth of July, readers!

Stay Simplistice,

Sunglasses · 7 For All Mankind 
Polo · Ralph Lauren
Shorts · Old Navy
Shoes · Converse


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What's the haps?
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