Casually Independent

Get it? Because it's Independence Day? (this is when you laugh at my horrible pun)
Whew, that was a good one.

So! Happy Fourth of July!

I know that we've been posting most for the 4th of July (which should be understandable, we get excited easily), but here's my last, just because I was so in love with this romper.

I love going with a theme, and obviously enough, it was red & blue for the American flag! 

Printed Romper w/ slashed open back: Forever 21 (similar)
Red Crossover: Tignanello Crossbody (similar)
Two Toned Chronograph Watch: Anne Klein (white dial, & bezel--diamond encrusted; w/ dials for day + date)
Chandelier Earrings: Francesca's
Locket 7 Charm Necklace: Forever 21
Blue Tint Sunglasses (favorite): Sidecca (boutique in CA, but similar here or here)

Here's one of my absolute favorites in the "thin accessory" section of my jewelry, although you might've not even noticed it.

Friendship Bracelet (right arm): Aldo (
I received this from a very close friend of mine, and the core goal of this bracelet is to give to a close friend (of course), and 100% of the proceeds go to the fight against AIDS. This is something really close to my heart, and I know that this movement also means so much to a lot of people out there as well.
I love these sort of things by famous brands or companies--when they give all or a big portion of the proceeds to foundations. (I'll also be posting more stuff in that category as well!)

Anyways, I hope y'all had a super-awesome-fantastic and safe 4th of July!

Stay Simplistice,



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What's the haps?
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