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Searching for a casual but still pretty trendy outfit? Well, I'm coming at you guys with an outfit that I was pretty proud to have paired together, ha! I completely understand how hard it is sometimes to pair up a good-looking outfit, especially if you're a guy. Our selections are really little, but I'm proud to say that I managed to pull a nice outfit together. At first sight when I picked the clothes out, I thought, "None of these even match! How do I even know that they'll go nicely together?" But then during the photo shoot, I realized that what I needed was confidence in my choice and acknowledged that they actually did go well together. Once I finally realized that, it was so much easier to wear the whole ensemble. Moral of the story - have confidence in what you wear and if you think you look good in it, then other people will think that as well.                                                                                               Now, onto the outfit!

If you've ever gone to Urban Outfitters, you know how hard it is to find the perfect shirt and how expensive the clothes are there. I was at an Urban Outfitters location in Arizona, during spring break, and this was one of the shirts that caught my eye as I searched through the racks to find a nice, affordable shirt. The design and patterns in this shirt got me hooked and the fact that it was a pocket tee sealed the deal. I knew I had to get it, and it was the only one they had at the store and I was so glad it turned out to be my size because it turned out to be a smart buy. The blue shirt serves as a nice contrast to the entire outfit. And the patterns are mesmerizing, making anyone who wears this a definite eye catcher.
I bought the green pants online at Hollister earlier this year, and it was a purchase that I definitely do not regret. I have worn these pants multiple times with different shirts and shoes but this pairing is by far one of my favorites. The pants greatly complement the blue shirt and go great with the white Chuck Taylors. These pants were also another smart buy even if it did cost a little more than expected. You saw these shoes in my former post - "Red, White & Blue." I bought the white Chuck Taylors at a Nordstrom Rack in Arizona, as well, during spring break, and they have been one of my greatest investments ever. If any of our readers are looking into buying a new pair of shoes, I highly recommend Converse. They are extremely comfortable and coordinate well with most outfits. These white Converse have been one of my signature shoes in most of my outfits--in school and out of school-- and I'm extremely happy with them.

Well, that's all for today! Thanks so much for reading this post and please make sure to constantly check the blog for new updates. As well as follow our Lookbook and Instagram accounts! (Links are posted in the "About Us" section)

Stay Simplistice,

Sunglasses · 7 For All Mankind
Shirt · Urban Outfitters
Pants · Hollister
Shoes · Converse
Unfortunately, I was unable to find the actual product on the Urban Outfitters and Hollister website. The products may have been replaced on their websites so sorry!

Picture Credits: Jacqueline Hofmann (co-owner of 5th and Bleecker fashion blog)


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