Saturday Evenings

What did my Saturday evening consist of? 
The new TRXYE album in my car (s/o to Troye's new EP--he's gonna be rockin' the charts soon enough), friends, and that awesome California weather. 
Definitely starting senior year off with good vibes, amazing tunes, and not to mention--one of my favorite laid-back outfits.

I must also add that these are all old, "out of season"'d, so most aren't sold in stores because of the come-and-go cycle of consumer markets. BUT, there are TONS that are so so similar because many things are now considered "retro". Good news for me, because I love recycling pieces that I've grown fond of!

 California Coca-Cola Tank - a boutique in Thailand - [similar]
 Skinny Jeans - American Eagle -

Here's my favorite.
You should probably know by now how much I absolutely love purchasing from stores that donate a portion or even all of the profits to a charity. 
And this is just my latest find:

The text on the coin necklace says "Half United Fighting Hunger", and it's just amazing.
HUFH's website is right here:

Their basic goal is to globally help those in need of food, and they feed those in the US, Cambodia, Madagascar, & Fiji. The organization sells mostly jewelry, but they also produce apparel and other accessories. They donate half of the profits to feed children in need.
Donations/money is used to donate backpack meals, to fish crops & gardens, fish farms, and general education. 
They also take volunteers and seem to be going into an awesome direction. Definitely check them out!! 

That's it for today!

Stay Simplistice,



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What's the haps?
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