#WTW August 2014

No, not #WCW. Not #WCE. And definitely not #MCM, either.
Well, actually, maybe. Do fictional characters count?

If you don't already know, #WTW means "What to Watch".

Anyways, I know it's a little late in August, but oh well.

August Findings

Here are a few of super cool people on Youtube that are definitely worth a view. I've also just finished watching Emma Approved (agh, the feelings are still caught, let's not talk about it) so I'll also be giving one webseries that has been filling the void.

Youtube Recs

5. Grimbleism (his name's Jake too)

Jake creates these absolutely stunning short films and videos. The camera work is incredible, & his witty, awkward self is just completely amazing. He's not as known, I think, but very well should be. I heart him.

This beautiful, wonderful human being has blessed us with her voice. And you must hear it. The first time I heard her play, it was magical. And when I saw her live at Vidcon, I might've died, twice. This is my favorite song from her. And I guess she's writing a book?! WHAT?!

Well, this guy is just plain awesomeness. THIS guy, is the one and only. THE legend. He's the inspiration behind many popular Youtubers today, including the Vlogbrothers. (Just think... a life without the vlogbrothers. Shudder.) I've stood like 5 feet from him and I almost screamed.
Not to mention, his news is always so interesting.

2. danisnotonfire - Dan Howell

Not only do you start to adore his English accent (who wouldn't), but his humour and just the way he presents himself in his video just makes my day. Let's not lie, those of us who spend most of our lives on the internet usually get along way too well.

(vlog adaptation based on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing")

I started watching the series yesterday, and I have caught up on everything. I'll say the beginning was a bit nyeh for me, but it can be because I haven't read the actual play myself (shame) and I didn't know what was happening. The whole Story is viewed from various perspectives using three channels created by the characters in the series, and it's definitely really really interesting. The entire series is produced by The Candle Wasters, and it may not be as greatly produced as say, Emma Approved, but it seriously is so great. I don't think my compliments even give it enough justice. My favorite character has to be Benedick, and the jokes are honestly so funny. The actors also have accents. THE ACCENTS ARE AMAZING

Movie Rec - Out in theatres now!

(these are only based off of my + my friends' opinion, & what I've seen so far)
Guardians of the Galaxy 
Let's Be Cops 
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 
I definitely need to see Sin City & If I Stay. 

Book Recommendation
This is what I'm reading right now:

I'll review it after I'm finished!

Stay Simplistice,



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What's the haps?

What's the haps?
Taking over the box office: Guardians of the Galaxy. Earning a whopping 92% (4 & a half stars) from Rotten Tomatoes should be a MAJOR deal. Marvel's done it again!

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