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Hey guys! You all get a special bonus post with three outfits, what a deal! I would separate them into three different posts but the three outfits incorporate a few of the same articles of clothing which is why it only seemed fitting but to put them all together.

When you go traveling, everyone says to pack light. I recently went on a family road trip to San Francisco, where all eight of us were crammed into a Sienna van and only had enough trunk space to bring two suitcases for the adults, and a small duffel bag for each kid. Packing light was definitely the motto for this trip. Throughout the three outfits, you will probably see the same jacket, shoes, and probably jeans, but one thing changes in every outfit. In this post, I try to show you guys that wearing the same thing doesn't always have to be bad, especially if you know what goes well with what.

Let's get on to the outfits!

// Day 1 // As you can see, there are those trusty white Converse shoes of mine again (I really do need to buy a new pair of shoes). Onto the outfit itself, I bought the shirt maybe about a year ago and I found it in the sale rack at Urban Outfitters, what a deal! It's a baseball tee, which unfortunately you can't see because I am wearing a jacket, but I definitely like it due to the fact that my parents do say that I've washed it so many times that it's in the laundry bin every week. What can I say? Baseball tees are definitely a big must have for me. The jeans I also managed to snag in a sale rack at Urban Outfitters, and I definitely like the whole light wash on top and dark wash on the bottom. I managed to make it work with different outfits, so it was definitely worth the $30-$40 I paid. And last but not least, the jacket. I bought it for swim season a few months back but after this trip, I'm definitely not only wearing it for practice and meets. The jacket tied the whole outfit together and gave it a sporty kind of vibe. The white V stripe made the jacket more noticeable, hence getting more attention to the outfit itself. In all honesty, I had doubts about wearing the jacket at first because I wasn't really sure it would go with the outfit, but now that I look at it, I definitely like it.


// Day 2 // Don't mind the messed up hair, I was at the top of Twin Peaks (which if you guys don't know has a killer view of the city either during sunrise or sunset) and it was extremely windy so it was hard to take a nice picture without my hair standing up. Anyways, the only thing that changed in these pictures is the scenery and the shirt. I got this shirt from my cousin, not really sure where he bought it, but I definitely liked it. I really liked that the shirt was Nike which really went well with the TYR jacket. It definitely gave a sports vibe to the outfit,  and not gonna lie, it was also pretty comfy.

// Day 3 // Finally, the last outfit. See now there's some new things in the outfit. Instead of jeans, it's shorts, and it's a different t-shirt! Ha, well let me start off by first saying that the Monterey Bay Aquarium is definitely one of my FAVORITE places ever. I really felt like a little kid running around the entire aquarium looking at all the different exhibits. I mean, I was so excited when I found out that we were going to the aquarium, because why wouldn't you be excited? You get to see all these cool things like fish and jellyfish and stuff. I really wish I had more time to stay there. Anyways, I pushed up the sleeves to the jacket and paired it together with a pair of khaki shorts and a blue shirt from Superdry. I really liked how the black jacket went really well with the shorts. The entire outfit itself kind of balanced each other out with the different colors that ranged from dark to light, and it just really went well together. Definitely one of my favorites for a summer but cool day.

And that is all for today! I hope you all enjoyed the outfits, although a lot of them incorporated some of the same clothes. I hope this proves a point that maybe sometimes, wearing some of the same clothes isn't as bad and you can actually make it look better than the last time. I'm not advocating wearing the same outfit for an entire week but wearing parts of the outfit again within the week isn't too bad. If you don't have enough room to bring a lot of clothes on a trip, then clothes like these will definitely help you out -- space-wise and fashion-wise. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you all again!

Stay Simplistice,

Also, enjoy a picture of this sea otter who looks like he's extremely happy to be living life to the fullest.

Jacket · TYR
Jeans · Levi's
Shorts · Uniqlo
Shoes · Converse
Sunglasses · 7 For All Mankind


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