Pre-Patriotism Post!

What's red, white, blue, & green?

(I'll let you think about that before I tell you) 
Onto another subject, possibly a wee-bit more interesting. 

Natriya here, and I'm just starting off with somewhat of my patriotic outfit in light of July 4th. I have to apologize for my lack of patriotism though (which is ironic with my title), because I'd probably miss out on the fireworks to watch a season 2 (again) of VGHS. 

But here we are, in celebration of America!

I'm wearing:
 · a white crop top · Forever 21 · What I love about this top is that it literally goes with anything. When I got this, I remember my friend saying "why would you buy that? it's so boring." How is this boring? It just lets you concentrate on whatever stylish jeans or skirt you want to wear, and it's definitely able to be used constantly.
· red skater skirt · H&M · I actually haven't used this skirt in a while--so it really depends on where you're going that day. It can be dressed up and dressed down, and it's bright & noticeable. (it's also become increasingly popular and fits on anyone amazingly well!)
· blue flats · Soda Brand · These are my favorite flats. Worn & torn, but Soda Brand always makes them comfortable. Check their collections out at! Adds a bold and patriotic touch to the outfit.
Black watch, flower jeweled necklace with black petals. The blacks work together and create a sort of polished look overall. 

I'm wearing: work outfit!
· white shirt · Since this oldie is from mom's closet, I'm afraid I can't find a site. But since this is quite a simple one, it's easy to describe. I'm quite insecure about my arms, especially in photos, but with this top, it covers what needs to be covered. Rolled up sleeves, looking edgy yet professional.
Pair the white tee with jeans and bright flats to add flair. Watch, necklace, earrings? Definitely! Just remember that business casual should always have you looking good, but you must always dress for comfort first.

Also (this now is the answer to my attempt at a joke at the beginning)
A patriotic turtle! 

(Please tell me at least I got a pity laugh)

Anyways, until next time! :)

Stay Simplistice,


  1. Like your photos!



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